10 Reasons We Love Handbags

10 Reasons We Love Handbags

The day has come! Today is the first annual National Handbag Day, a holiday which we founded this year to celebrate our clearly undying passion for the things that help us schlep around our stuff. We’ve been preparing all week, with everything from a handbag travelogue to a handbag playlist, and now we’re ready to unleash the rest of our holiday glee, including a big giveaway announcement at noon.

First, though, we thought we’d start with something simple. We could probably enumerate zillions of reasons that we love bags, but today, we’ve boiled it down to 10. Let us know your own in the comments, and we hope you’ll check back throughout the day to see what we have in store.

1. Go ahead and get seconds – handbags always fit.

2. You can carry the same bag for weeks at a time and no one thinks you’re gross or unshowered.

3. A good handbag makes whatever clothes you’re wearing an insta-outfit.

4. They’re your safe place – everyone knows never to rifle through a woman’s bag, even a friend.

5. In an emergency situation, a handbag can sometimes be used as a weapon.

6. If you buy from the right brands, handbags hold their value better than anything else in fashion.

7. Handbags allow us to safely transport our smartphones, which we need for playing Candy Crush.

8. Most bags come in a variety of colors and are produced for more than one season. Choices! Options!

9. Your bag, unlike your clothes, won’t be wrinkled and slightly haggard-looking at the end of a long workday.

10. There’s no way around it – carrying a designer bag makes you look like a fancy lady, and we like looking like fancy ladies.

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