13 Bags That Will Fit All Your Fall Essentials

13 Bags That Will Fit All Your Fall Essentials

Let’s face it, our bags are usually jam packed. We never planned on them getting that full, but somewhere along the line we lost control and are now toting around twenty different shades of red lipstick, a pair of flats for our commute home, an overstuffed wallet with one too many Barneys receipts and all of our electronic gadgets and their attendant chargers. Now that temperatures are beginning to cool, our everyday handbag no longer seems roomy enough to fit our cold weather accessories on top everything that’s already in there. We’re left with no option but to upsize.

Take it from someone who has left behind enough gloves, scarves and hats to keep an entire continent warm: you always want to have enough room in your bag to stuff all of your winter necessities, including hand warmers, Rosebud Salve and plenty of hydrating face lotion. That’s why we’ve rounded up 13 Big Bags that have plenty of room to fit virtually everything but the kitchen sink. (Actually, you may even be able to fit that in some of these giant totes).

Not to mention that a bigger bag usually results in well-toned arms.

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