ATTENTION to all DVB Victoria Beckham friends & fans!!! IMPORTANT MESSAGE! (Ple…

ATTENTION to all DVB Victoria Beckham friends & fans!!!

IMPORTANT MESSAGE! (Please LIKE, COMMENT & SHARE so that FB would allow more people to be engaged)

This is the content creator of this page. We provide official news appearing in fashion magazines and the media, new Victoria Beckham arrivals over the internet and online stores, photos, videos and her Instagram and Twitter posts along with many other EXCLUSIVE content being emailed from fans, editors of some magazines, online stores and so on.

As you all know i am not working under the affiliation of Victoria Beckham and I am not being paid or receive any financial support from running this page. However this would be the third time when we are officially being asked to take down some content from the page. I DO respect copyright law and use all the images for editorial use ONLY but it seems not to be enough for some magazines.

THE ONLY THING I NEED is a support from someone who would clearly explain me how to create the content of this page which will not harm anyone. If you are a Manager, editor,PR agent of a magazine or a website or someone who is fully equipped with knowledge for solving such situations, please give me a chance to ask couple of questions and support with further information regarding on the subject we faced.


With all my respect, and warm wishes, Gregory!

P.S. I have been trying to contact but the reply is still pending.

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