Edie Parker?s Nameplate Clutches Now Available to Everybody

Edie Parker?s Nameplate Clutches Now Available to Everybody

At first, they were simply a fashion-insider favorite. Then they were available on Moda Operandi, but only for a few days. After that, you had to contact the brand directly to order your Edie Parker Nameplate Clutch, a process which most customers shy away from in the era of depersonalized online shopping. Now, the day has come: an Edie Parker clutch bearing your name (or any other word) is one Neiman Marcus order away until November 7.

Personalization is a huge handbag trend, from complimentary heatstamping on many Louis Vuitton handbags to hand-painted monogramming on Goyard’s signature bags and luggage. It’s far less common on evening bags, and even less common on flat-acrylic box clutches like those for which the Edie Parker brand has become quickly famous. Leather can be embossed, stamped or painted, but for a clutch like this one to be personalized, it has to be manufactured that way.

Edie Parker and Neiman Marcus will now allow you to order a custom-made clutch featuring the word of your choosing, and most people choose their first names, although initials and titles are also accounted for in the available configurations. If you want one of the bags, you have to act quickly, though – the pre-order only lasts through November 7 and the bag will ship to your directly from Edie Parker. Shop the full selection of colors via Neiman Marcus, all of which will set you back $1,795.

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