Outfit of the Week: I?m Wearing a Dress While I Still Can

Outfit of the Week: I?m Wearing a Dress While I Still Can

By now, you guys have probably gleaned that I’m a skinny-pants-and-jacket kind of girl during the fall. I have little patience for tights and cold-weather accessories, on top of being a fairly practical dresser in general, so I stick with a formula that works pretty well and makes me feel like me. Nothing will make you second-guess yourself like having a potential option removed, though, which is why I really want to wear a dress this week.

The advent of November is something of a Northeastern tipping point, or at least that’s what I’ve gleaned in what is now my third fall in New York. I’m not a cold-natured person, especially in the leg region, so I got used to being able to wear skirts and dresses without tights through the mild winters in my native Atlanta. When November rolls around here, though, that option starts to sound markedly less attractive, so naturally, that’s all I want to wear.

This week’s outfit isn’t necessarily an accurate representation of my personal style, but perhaps of an ideal woman who I’d someday like to be, if only for an evening. On that evening, I’d like it to be chilly enough for a beautiful ivory coat, but not so chilly that I’d have to pull on annoying hosiery. If I’m going for an ideal here, why not apply that to the weather as well?

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