Cheesy Tees

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Victoria Beckham used to be seen wearing noticable shirts with slogans or little sayings on them. For what? Who knows, maybe she doesn’t like the new D&G collection. What I do know though is that this page is for laughs so if I get ONE person emailing me about how it’s not funny, don’t bother. I’ll just rebound and call YOU cheesy… teehee…Click on the pictures for enlargements!

I’m A Mess

Fashion statement? Cry for help? Whatever it is, Victoria’s worn it more than once!

I May Not Be Perfect, But Parts Of Me Are Excellent!

Cute? Tacky? Cheap? I’m not a lover for this one!

Free City

Is this a political statement? Who knows – it’s made the cheesy t-shirt hall of fame!

When I Was Your Age, I Was Dumb Too!

I don’t get it. Victoria’s shirt circa Aug 30th, 2003. I don’t get it.

I Hate Shopping

This one isn’t really a cheesy tee, as it was a contest for someone to win that shirt. But nevertheless, Posh has touched it and so it has been dubbed a cheesy t!

So Many Boys So Little Time

This shirt is so tacky! It’s super cute because she has 3 boys in her life, but still!

Pillow Talk Is Extra

They call it ‘tongue in cheek’. I call it something you shouldn’t buy.

Nice View

Whoa, this one sure is cheesy. If any regular girl (non-celeb) wore this shirt, she’d surely be harrased. Ah well.


This one’s not bad. But it’s a shirt with your name on it.

Posh Babe

This shirt is the cutest shirt of all time! I really really like it. That’s why I’ve declared my style cheesy!

Rock Star

Looks like Victoria has changed her profession. She’s already been a pop and a hip hop star, but rock is something we can’t imagine Victoria at!

victoria beckham photo
Photo by Gerrit van Aaken
victoria beckham photo
Photo by hoxtonchina

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