Victoria Beckham Diet Plan

As you well know, Victoria keeps a very fine physique. She does this by eating right, exercising occasionally, and running around after her two children. She is said to do 200 sit – ups per day, as well as spending 10 minutes on the trampoline – which is equivalent to 30 minutes of jogging. The following is a sample diet plan that Victoria would eat on a given day.

9:30 – 2 pieces of whole wheat toast

12:30 – mango/fruit salad

3:30 – chicken breast (no skin, no sauces) and roasted veggies

6:30 – edamame and more roasted veggies or green leafy salad with no cal dressing

For snacking, Victoria is said to be addicted to prawns, which are very high in protein. As a detox diet, which helps flush your system and clear up your skin, Victoria usually eats a diet of strawberries, or another fruit that is high in vitamin c for two straight days. Although this is healthy, it’s not something you would do often. Victoria is also said not to “like” meat, especially red meat.

victoria beckham face photo
Photo by jingdianmeinv3
victoria beckham face photo
Photo by Wha’ppen
victoria beckham face photo
Photo by Automotive Rhythms

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