Eyes, Lips and Make-Up

During the Spice Girls days, Victoria Beckham had bad skin and limp hair. But these days, she’s a different woman! Find out which products she uses to create her Queen of Style look and then discover where you can buy the products too.

victoria beckham photo
Photo by Automotive Rhythms
victoria beckham photo
Photo by Automotive Rhythms

Get Victoria Beckham’s…eyes

These days Victoria tends to keep her eyes hidden behind a huge pair of sunglasses for most of the time. Victoria rarely makes make-up mistakes any more and that’s because she knows what suits her and sticks to those beauty products. She keeps her eyes simple and pretty with the following products:
Screenface Corner Eyelashes, Ł3.99. This is how Victoria gets her sexy look and makes her eyes look bigger. These lashes attach to the corner of each eyelid. Buy them online
Victoria adores MAC make-up. Her favourite is MAC eyeshadow in Coral, Ł8. Take a look at their web site for your nearest stockest
And if MAC is a little bit out of your price range, Victoria also loves the Kolor range of make-up from Superdrug. Get Kolor Volume & Build Mascara for only Ł4.29. Go to Superdrug’s web site to find your nearest store.

Get Victoria Beckham’s…lips

Victoria’s trademark pout was the first thing we noticed when she burst onto the stage in the Spice Girls, and her lips were the reason for her nickname, Posh. Victoria goes for neutral, pretty colours on her lips and gives them that infamous pout factor with clear lipgloss. Here are a few of her favourite products:
Victoria gives her lips a slick and licked look with Bourjois Effet 3D High Shine Lip Colour, Ł6.75. Her favourite shade is beige.
Buy one for yourself from Wellbeing
Here’s another MAC favourite of Victoria’s. She loves MAC High-shine Lipglass, Ł8.50. Go to MAC’s web site to locate your nearest store.

Get Victoria Beckham’s…make-up!

Apart from Victoria’s MAC staples, her make-up bag is also rumoured to contain:
Pout Lipgloss in Saucy Girl, Ł10.
Glow Lipglaze from Bloom, Ł6.95, available from Perfuma.
Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow, Ł13.50, from Bobbi Brown.
Lash Glamour Lengthening Mascara, Ł15, from Bobbi Brown.
Total splurge on make-up per month:

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