Hair Extensions

During the Spice Girls days, Victoria Beckham had bad skin and limp hair. But these days, she’s a different woman! Find out which products she uses to create her Queen of Style look and then discover where you can buy the products too.

Get Victoria’s… hair

Victoria’s had short and spiky crops, long brunette waves and currently, ultra-long blonde extensions. Victoria’s been using the same salon to get her hair extensions for the past three years:
Connect Hair Systems are based in London and offer different types of extensions, depending on how much cash you’ve got to splash. Expect to pay around Ł1,500 for long locks like Posh using top quality European hair. Call 020 7483 3845 for more information.

Only the best will do for Mrs Beckham, who has the Ferrari of hair extensions from Connect Hair System. Prices for a full head of extensions start at around Ł525, but Victoria takes the top of the range set at Ł1100.
Made from real European hair, a fresh set of 20-inch extensions are applied by Connect’s top stylist Feleny Georghiou (of course) every three months. Each set takes five hours to apply. That’s like watching David play three matches in his little shorts. We know what we’d rather be doing.
The good news for Victoria’s bank manager is that a six-weekly trim is included in the price. Call 020 7483 3845 for more information about Connect Hair Systems.
Cost per month: Extensions: Ł366. Professional styling and products: A speculative Ł200. Total: Ł566.

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