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Hermes Bags in Victoria’s Hands

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Hermes Baccara Clutch

Making an appearance at the Oscar de la Renta Spring 2008 Fashion Show, Victoria Beckham showed NYC that her sense of style a force that can not be denied. Leaving on her oversized sunglasses, Victoria Beckham sat first row at the show carrying the special order Hermes Baccara Crocodile Clutch. Victoria is known to have the Hermes collection that would make any fashionista weak in the knees. Carrying her special order Hermes Clutch in black crocodile, her hand candy was more alluring than her shades, toned legs, and pristine poise.

Hermes Kelly Pochette

For the show that was over 2 hours late, merely lasted 15 minutes, and went in a backward order, a plethora of hot celebs still gathered to view the Marc Jacobs show at the Armoury in New York City. Victoria Beckham changed outfit after the Oscar de la Renta show and showed up in a stunning dress and carrying a Hermes Kelly Pochette in suede. Hermes is the go-to brand for Victoria Beckham’s handbag decisions. Earlier in the day she carried her special order Hermes Baccara Crocodile Clutch and for MJ’s show she switched to her Hermes Kelly Pochette in purple suede. A highly flattering dress for her ‘curves’ (ok simply her bust), a stunning handbag, now all that is left to wonder; did she enjoy the show?

Hermes Kelly Lizard Pochette

While her choice of outfits may be in left field, Victoria Beckham picks her style and goes all the way. She could wear a plastic bag and make it look amazing, giving off all the confidence in the world in any piece she adorns her svelte body with. She and her husband, David Beckham, spent Saturday night out for dinner at Nobu, where they were swarmed with paparazzi on their way in and out of dinner. Victoria sported a couture green mini dress while carrying a Hermes Kelly Lizard Pochette in her hand. The color of her Kelly Pochette is a stunning green hue, Vert Amande (note that colors in the lizard family are not the same name as that of ostrich or croc). We already knew she had the Hermes collection that any fashionable woman would pine for, but it is such a pleasure to have her tease us and show off a new handbag every outing.

White Hermes Birkin

To own one Hermes Birkin is a feat in and of itself. To have a collection of over one hundred Hermes Bags is mind blowing. This is said to be accomplished by Victoria Beckham, as if it is even an accomplishment, who has spent over $2 million dollars at Hermes. Most recently, Victoria sported one of her most casual looks, of course paired with a White Hermes Birkin. Her outfit is made up of white skinny jeans, a blue tank, a blue and white striped cropped jacket, Christian Louboutin pumps, and of course her must-have designer handbag. I must admit I am partial to the white Hermes leathers (pictures of my beautiful new addition to come later), which are stark stunning and crisp on their intricately crafted bags, but worry about any spec of dirt getting on the bag. The very light shades, especially white, must be sent to the mother ship, in Paris, and will take 6 months to be cleaned. Lucky for Victoria, she has about 99 other Hermes bags to tote while waiting.

hermes bag photo
Photo by kagen33
hermes bag photo
Photo by Wen Cheng Liu (Busy)
hermes bag photo
Photo by Wen Cheng Liu (Busy)

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