Jeans Party Looks

Sexy celeb party looks: Victoria Beckham

Who says you can’t wear jeans to a party? You can if they’re tight and sexy and worn with a fabulous top, a la Victoria!

We’re sure you know at least one woman who always looks great no matter what they wear. They’re always effortlessly gorgeous – but how do they do it? The key is dressing like you haven’t tried very hard at all when really it’s taken hours to perfect your style. Victoria knows how to dress up and dress funky. You can too with a pair of tight jeans, pretty heels and a sexy satin bomber jacket.

DO give people a glimpse of what’s hiding underneath your sexy little jacket by keeping the zip daringly low.

DON’T do denim on the top and bottom. The key to creating a look like this is by mixing your fabrics. Team tough denim with delicate satin.

Other celebs to watch: Kylie Minogue, Cat Deely.

High street to the rescue: We’ve spotted a very sexy black satin jacket from La Redoute for Ł22.50 (search under ‘satin jacket’ in the ‘Femme’ section). It’s perfect for teaming with this great pair of Victoria Beckham-style distressed jeans from River Island for Ł44.99. Complete the look with some strappy gold sandals from Debenhams Direct for Ł35.

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