Make-Up How-Tos

Spice World: The Movie / Promo Pics

Eyes: Victoria had a really sexy smoky eye look going on. This can be achieved with black eyeliner, black eyeshadow, and a light grey eyeshadow (or anything light and/or shimmery) that’s used as a highlighter. First apply the lighter eyeshadow all over the eyelid, then carefully apply the black eyeshadow to the crease and start blending it out to the outer corners of the eye and beyond. Then line the entire eye with black eyeliner and apply mascara.

Face: A matte face can be achieved by using matte face powder/foundation. Apply a darker blush just below the cheekbones. Bronzer can also be used to give a darker complexion.

Lips: First, line your lips with a pink lipliner to assure the lipstick does not bleed and stays on longer. Then apply a frosty pink lipstick. Make sure it is bold pink, but not hot pink!

Hair: For the movie Victoria dyed her hair a darker brown, almost black. I would say it is either a level 3 or 4. While hair is still damp apply Sebastian Shaper mousse or root booster (these two products are the best for volume), then put hair in velcro rollers for more volume, or just blow dry with head upside down. When hair is completely dry, run a straightening iron through the hair, but not from the roots so you still have volume in your hair. Spray a finishing spray and/or a shining spray on and you’re done!

Nails: Her nails are painted a dark colour, either black or almost black. Try OPI’s Black Tie Affair.

Bronzed Beauty: Arena Shoot

Eyes: Apply a mid-brown shimmery eyeshadow to your eyelid. Chestnut brown, or bronzy brown, anything that’s dark, but not too dark. Then apply a cream/white shimmery eyeshadow to your brow bone (right below your eyebrow) as a highlighter. Apply a dark brown or black eyeliner around your eyes using a thin line. Then apply a lot of mascara. Also remember to lightly darken your eyebrows with a brown eyeshadow.

Face: Use a bronzer or a foundation darker than your normal skin tone (unless you’re very tan), all over your face. Then, using either the eyeshadow highlighter, or a shimmery blush (best to use a cream blush: try Revlon Skinlights), apply highlighting blush on the apples of your cheeks (smile and apply to the fleshy part of your cheeks). You can also put some on your chin and nose if you like. Then, using a darker blush, apply to the cheekbones.

Lips: Use any bronzy lipgloss that’s a little sheer.

Hair: With her short haircut, all she did here was blowdry her hair with a round brush to get some volume and control. Use a product that helps out your hair. If you need volume, use mousse, if you have frizzy hair, use a smoothing cream/serum. Then use a little bit of wax and play with your hair. It’s supposed to look messy & natural.

Nails: Victoria either has Gel or Acrylic artificial nails on painted with a french manicure and rhinestones.

Swedish Nude : TV Special

Eyes: Using a light flat/matte eyeshadow in a beige or cream colour, apply to eyelid making sure you apply to the inner corner of the eye. Using a flat/matte dark brown eyeshadow, lightly apply to the crease and outer corner of eye with an eyeshadow brush, adding more and more to the effect you like. With a thin line, apply dark brown eyeliner only to the top lashline. Apply mascara only to the top lashline, and bottom outer corner.

Face: Make sure to use a mattifying foundation or powder. Then use a light brown blush and apply to cheekbones.

Lips: Use a nude/flesh coloured lipstick & lipliner.

Hair: First blow dry hair to achieve volume, then part hair on the side. Run a straightening iron through the ends of the hair to get that “straight” look. Finish with a finishing spray and shine spray.

Punky Look

Eyes: Use a neutral eyeshadow all over eyelid, or none at all. With a very thin line you can line the top lashline with a dark brown eyeliner. Then with a red pencil, draw three “eyelashes” on the outer corner of each eye. Apply mascara.

Face: Use a mattifying powder/foundation and use a rosy blush on the apples of your cheeks and your chin and nose.

Lips: Use a clear lip gloss, or a gloss that is rosy, peachy, or has pink undertones.

Hair: Make sure to blow dry hair so you have a lot of volume on top. Then using a strong holding gel (Joico Ice Spiker), or strong holding putty (Bedhead Manipulator), start piecing out the hair on top. Spray each piece with a strong hairspray (Kenra #25, or Sebastian Shaper Plus). Tada!

Good Evil Smash Hits Shoot

Eyes: Using a hot pink eyeshadow, apply to entire eyelid, from lashline to a little above the crease. If you find your colour is not intense enough, wet your eyeshadow brush and then make your eyeshadow wet. Damp eyeshadow goes on more intensely and lasts longer! You can also apply a little of the eyeshadow to your bottom lashline as well. Then apply mascara.

Face: Use a light powder and apply to your face. Then, using a shimmer blush (preferably in a cream form), apply to the apples of your cheeks, your nose, your chin, and use as a highlighter on your brow bone. Then using a shimmer bronzer, apply lightly to your cheekbones.

Lips: Use a clear or nude-coloured lipgloss.

Hair: Blow dry hair on a part, using a smoothing gel. When dry, you can use a straightening iron if necessary to smooth out hair. Then using a stronger gel, or perhaps a putty product apply to your hair to maintain style and add texture and shine. Then finish off with a hairspray.

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