The Sexiest Couple On Earth

As we are all presumably Posh & Becks fans, we don’t really need 10 reasons to tell us why they’re hot. But here they are anyway, courtesy of Cosmopolitan US!

1. They Have Actual Talent
Becks recently left England’s Manchester United for Spain’s Real Madrid after being courted by a couple of top squads. Posh, an ex-Spice Girl, has a second solo album coming out this fall.

2. They Are Beyond Loaded
The couple has a net worth of $82.3 million US. They’re shopping for a home in Madrid, but already own a $4 million Hertfordshire, England, abode, nicknamed Beckingham Palace, plus a villa in the south of France, and nine luxury cars.

3. They’re Ridiculously Hot

4. There’s A Movie Named After Him
Becks’ curling kicks are so famous, they inspired the flick Bend It Like Beckham.

5. They Have A Killer Sex Life
Posh has been quoted as saying that her husband is an “animal in bed” and her pet name for him is Goldenballs. That’s not a reference to his sport.

6. Their Kids Are Cute As Hell
The result of all that nooky: adorable sons Brooklyn, 4, and Romeo, 1. Becks is such a proud dad that he has their names tattooed on his back.

7. They Parent Their Own Kids
Unlike most celebs, they don’t employ any live-in nannies, chefs, or housekeepers. (How does Posh change all those diapers without ruining her mani?)

8. They’re Ridiculously Hot

9. They’re Stylin’ 24-7
Juggling parenthood and megacareers hasn’t left the dynamic duo any worse for wear. Whether clad in track suits or haute couture, they live up to their fashion icon reps.

10. They Defy Normalcy – And Get Away With It
How many other guys can wear hair bands and pink nail polish, as Becks often does, and still look macho? Ah, zero.

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