Skincare and Tanning

During the Spice Girls days, Victoria Beckham had bad skin and limp hair. But these days, she’s a different woman! Find out which products she uses to create her Queen of Style look and then discover where you can buy the products too.

Get Victoria’s…skin
Victoria has admitted that she’s prone to oily skin and outbreaks of spots, but these days she seems to have both problems firmly under control. Of couse, Mrs Beckham has got a lot more money than most to spend on beauty treatments but the key to her skin success is finding products that work for her and then sticking with them:
Victoria swears by Lancaster Re-Oxygen O2 Emulsion, Ł43. This cream uses pure oxygen to de-stress, detoxify and invigorate the skin. Go to Lancaster’s web site to find your nearest stockist.
Every girl has a secret weapon and Victoria’s is YSL Touche Eclat, Ł21. Use sparingly under your eyes for a brightening effect or to conceal blemishes and spots for a flawless finish. What’s even better is if you buy it online, you can save Ł3.50!

Skincare: If there’s one beauty routine Victoria throws money at (ok, we know there’s more than one) it’s her skincare routine. Posh has sensitive skin and suffered from acne as a teenager. She splashes out on Dermalogica products, specially formulated for her skin type, and cleanses, tones and moisturises daily. She also has a weekly facial. For more information about Dermalogica call 0800 591818.
Cost per month: Products: Ł100. Four one-hour facials: Ł216. Total: Ł316.
Pampering / de-stressing: She might not jet off to Barbados to top up her tan, but Victoria does spend an average of one weekend a month ‘de-stressing’ at a luxury location in a bid to keep those wrinkles and worry lines at bay. When in Spain, royalty and jetsetters like the Beckhams chill out at Marbella Club Hotel, Golf Resort and Spa. One night in the five-bedroom villa at the Marbella Club Hotel will set the Beckhams back a cool Ł2,445.
Cost per month: Ł4,890.
Total splurge on skincare per month: Ł5,366.

Get Victoria’s…tan
The weather will be nice and hot in her new home city of Madrid, but for an all-year-round sun-kissed glow, Victoria chooses her colour from a bottle. Victoria swears by St Tropez and here’s how you can get your hands on a bottle:
Buy St Tropez online from Wellbeing. The self-tan spray and mousse starts from Ł20
Can’t be bothered to apply it yourself? Hundreds of salons offer St Tropez treatments. Get the St Tropez Air Treatment for Ł35. Call 0115 922 1462 for details.

We can’t remember the last time we saw a picture of Victoria without an all-over tan. Sensibly, her bronze glow comes from a bottle, and her favourite is St Tropez. Victoria has four salon sessions a month, for one hour each time. It’s cheaper than a monthly trip to Barbados, but is still more expensive than a quick once-over with a used teabag. What, you haven’t tried it?
Cost per month: Ł160.

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