Style Rules

Before Victoria Beckham came along, we don’t think we’d ever seen miniskirts so mini, nor sunglasses so well-equipped to keep off the sun. From slogan T-shirts to St Tropez, we take a look at the essential fashion rules that Posh seems to live by.

Rule No.1: Right from the beginning – make sure your partner’s style matches your own.

Rule No.2: Never underestimate the power of a pair of enormous sunglasses…

Rule No.3: …and/or a slogan T-shirt.

Rule No.4: Nothing says ‘power’ like a white trouser suit and a pair of vertigo-inducing stilettos.

Rule No.5: Always put your best foot forward. Literally.

Rule No.6: Lift and separate. Even if you’ve only got spaghetti-thin straps to hold you up there.

Rule No.7: Always make it very clear who your favourite designer is.

Rule No.8: Start the trends. Toledo boots are so the new Uggs.

Rule No.9: Confound your critics by proving you can do understated elegance once in a while…

Rule No.10: …but don’t be afraid to act like a glamour model sometimes, either.

Rule No.11: Short-haired brunettes can be full-length blondes, too.

Rule No.12: As well as her matching partner, a girl’s best friend is her baseball cap…

Rule No.13: …or failing that, a brightly coloured fedora.

Rule No.14: Remember: both your and your child’s clothing can be used to advertise your partner’s business.

Rule No.15: Learn from your mistakes: sometimes it pays not to listen to your stylist.

Rule No.16: When in doubt, flash your pearly whites.

Rule No.17: If you’re going to wear black leather, make sure someone else is wearing it, too.

Rule No.18: If, however, you’re going to wear red leather, be prepared to go it alone.

Rule No.19: The largeness of your glasses should only be equalled by the largeness of your hair.

Rule No.20: A St Tropez tan can never be too deep – and a miniskirt can never be too short.

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