The Garage

  • A $400,292 special edition BMW 750i Saloon (Victoria’s). It was designed for state of the art secured transportation. It weighs over a ton, is fitted with armor, and able to take the force of a bazooka.
  • A $224,180 BMW 540i Saloon (David’s), also designed for security. It is bullet proof and armour plated.
  • A $96,076 BMW X5 (SUV model). Like the Osbourne family, this car is for the transportation of bodyguards, personal assistants, nannies, and other household regulars.
  • A $265,842 V8 Bentley Arnage. Outfitted with leather baby seats and a trunk large enough for their shopping needs.
  • A $240,195 Mercedes S500. The car they mostly use, it, too, is bullet proof and armour plated. They also have a ‘regular’ Mercedes S500, worth only $80,446 and a V-class 230 worth $144,119.
  • A $217,210 Ferrari Modena Spyder and a $189,000 Ferrari 550 Maranello, which Victoria bought him in the beginning of their relationship.
  • A $154,000 1997 Aston Martin DB7.
  • A green $152,275 Porsche 911 Turbo.
  • A customized $144,146 Lincoln Navigator.
  • A $112,537 Jaguar XKR.
  • A Chrysler Voyager mini van at $34,500 (yes, that says a Chrysler mini van).
  • A $43,000 customized Harley Davidson edition truck.
  • A $98,000 TVR Cerbera (Victoria picked the color).
  • A $110,000 Range Rover V8 Vogue edition that has a 12 speaker built-in DVD system labeled as a “a mobile theater” and a satellite navigation package.
  • In part of their sponsorship deal with Real Madrid, Audi is letting every player on the team pick out a car of their choice. David chose the $90,000 A8 model. He asked them to bullet proof it.

Total worth of cars: $3,025,818 (including the special edition Mercedes limo mentioned below, valued at over $230,000).

The everyday drive around autos owned by the Beckhams are worth over $3 million, but that’s nothing to them. According to reports, it would take only 10 days of playing soccer for David to pay for his $265,842 Bentley. Recently the couple paid $150,000 to have a bed big enough for 4 installed into their Mercedes limo. This way the soccer ace could get a proper nap while his $75,000 a year private chauffeur drives him back from practice. In addition, the Benz also has bullet proof glass, 2 plasma TV screens that emerge from the roof and a 10 disc DVD entertainment system.

One of David’s beloved Ferraris

A replica of the $224,180 BMW 540i Saloon

The $110,000 Range Rover

David and his $144,146 Navigator

$43,00 Harley Davidson truck

Victoria and one of their Mercedes

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