The Real Estate

The couple’s main base is their massive estate (left, photo) in Hertfordshire, a town north of London. Dubbed ‘Beckingham Palace’, the couple purchased the former orphanage for $4 million and spent an extra $5 million in modifications, including a $500,000 security system and $410,000 in landscape and gardening. Brooklyn’s bedroom features a $43,000 fibre-optic lighting scheme that recreates the night sky. One of the seven bedrooms is known as the Audrey Hepburn room. Guests will find a gigantic four post bed, a silver chandelier, and a black and white bathroom- not to mention pictures of Ms. Hepburn everywhere. Another guest bedroom is done in all leopard print and another done in black-and-gold vintage Hollywood style. There have also been reports of gold toilet seats in the bathrooms. A $160,000 bronze sculpture of the family sits on the grounds.

In town for pre-season training, the Beckhams are living at an exclusive rental house in a in La Moraleja, Spain, with the Madrid team footing the bill until he finds a home. If that’s not tough enough, on days off they go down to the French Riviera to relax at friend Elton John’s French mansion. It is odd that they don’t just go to their own home on the nearby Cote d’Azur in Bargemon, which they recently forked out over $2.5 million for. Perhaps because it’s under a million dollar renovation, ensuring it will be fit for the Beckham standards.

While in the US for their promotional tour they stayed in a $20,000 per week Beverly Hills mansion. Their most recent purchase is a 5 bedroom luxury villa on a $1.6 billion resort island called The Palm, to be completed in 2005. David, along with 11 teammates from his former Manchester United team, bought into the man made island currently being built off the coast of Dubai in the Middle East. Each of the luxury villas (there are 28 styles to choose from) each come with their own 130 foot private beach and a swimming pool.

The island, which can already be seen from the moon, will be constructed into the shape of a massive palm tree. It will feature 2000 of these villas, plus 50 luxury hotels, gigantic shopping complexes, theaters, and mega-yacht marinas. Owned and financed by a Sultan, this, perhaps, will be one of the most exclusive island in the world. Finally, at just 4 years old, Brooklyn has a place to call his own. Recently Victoria bought him a $13,000 tree house carved from Scandinavian Redwood. The mini-home features a weather-proof exterior, a spiral staircase, and a fake chimney.

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