Posh Madness Co-Webmaster Needed!

Dear Posh Mad,

I’m writing to tell you that running Posh Madness has become so time-consuming for one person that I’m starting a search for a co-webmaster. Updating news and pics has been taking me so much time that I neglected some other Posh Madness sections. Besides, the best fan sites have usually more than one webmaster.

That’s why I’m looking for a co-webmaster or even few co-webmasters who will be able to help me with posting news, gathering pics, writing and finding style-related articles etc. I’m also planning to launch a big and separate media section just like youtube, but I need someone who will be able to upload Posh videos.

It’s not the case that you won’t have a life when you decide to join a Posh Madness crew. Come on, it’s not a time-killer! There’s only too much to do for one person. If you’re truly interested, meaning that you won’t abandon this activity after posting a one news post, please send me an email telling who you are and how you’d like to cooperate with me or SIMPLY (and preferably) fill out the form below. I will review all the applications and contact you asap!

Please fill out the survey and help us build Posh Madness. We do need your help in running the site!

Become a Posh Madness Co-Webmaster!