Take a Look at the Beautiful Bags of Coach Spring 2014

Take a Look at the Beautiful Bags of Coach Spring 2014

If you’ve been hoping that American handbag stalwart Coach would do things a little bit differently, your time has come. Last week, we got a peek at the Fall 2013 version of the Coach Borough Bag (that should be landing at Coach.com any minute now) on the arm of none other than accessories tastemaker Sarah Jessica Parker, and now Coach Spring 2014 reveals that the new design will be the foundation of its forthcoming season.

I still can’t get over how little the Borough Bag looks like a “Coach bag” in the traditional sense. Even when Coach makes a really great bag, the design tends to always be clearly underpinned by details and designs from the company’s design history. Heritage is important, of course, but with a brand that elicits the kind of strong opinions (both negative and positive) that Coach does, displaying a little bit of creative dexterity can mean all the difference in expanding your market. In fact, that’s the lesson that Louis Vuitton is learning right now.

The modern, practical Borough Bags, in all their sizes and colors, are the clear winners of the season for Coach, and the line also includes a bunch of roomy totes and a few surprisingly sophisticated dome satchels. To check out all the bags from Coach’s preview, which will be available by early 2014, check out our gallery below. To shop Coach’s current selection, head on over to Coach.com.

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