Valentino has Taken a Big Step Away from the Rockstud for Spring 2014

Valentino has Taken a Big Step Away from the Rockstud for Spring 2014

During Paris Fashion Week, we didn’t have a chance to give you guys an in-depth look at the bags that graced the Valentino Spring 2014 runway – we only have so many hours in the workday, and Paris is a nearly nonstop onslaught of things deserving of those hours. Now that the Moda Operandi pre-sale has come and gone (sadly), though, I’m glad we held off – MO provided a more complete and detailed look at the bags, and they are definitely deserving of it.

The first thing you’ll notice, of course, is that there’s not a Rockstud to be seen. Rockstuds have been Valentino’s bread and butter for five seasons, and with that much success, it can be difficult for a brand to know when it move on to a new idea. Consumers will be the ultimate judge of whether or not Valentino timed its transition correctly, but it certainly feels like the perfect time for a slightly new direction. Rockstuds are still flying high, popularity-wise, and I can’t imagine that they’ll be phased out of the full line anytime soon, but there’s something to be said for relenting the spotlight while you’re still on top.

If you’re going to transition off of your company’s most successful bags of all time, these designs are a great way to do it. Many of them feature studding here and there, but it’s round and flat instead of square and spiked, which provides a completely different feel. It’s almost difficult to remember that these bags are from a spring collection – the autumnal colors and extra-gorgeous leather look like everything I want to carry right this very instant, and I don’t even wear brown. The collection was opera-inspired, and you can feel the old-world cultural references in these bags, plus a little South American influence that isn’t mentioned in the show notes but appears to be there nonetheless.

Sadly, the Moda Operandi pre-order ended yesterday, but take a look at all the bags that were included below and start planning your Spring 2014 shopping lists. If you need to scratch the shopping itch immediately, Moda Operandi has lots of other great stuff, both this season’s and next.

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