Victoria Beckham in Glasses

Once upon a time, Victoria Adams used to wear glasses. It was in the beginning of her music career, back in 1997. She was seen several times wearing prescription glasses and it was inter alia in Prague and during the Channel 5 TV launch where she stole the limelight wearing a slinky black dress and glasses.

Victoria Adams
Victoria Adams Channel 5 launch

After that, Victoria (now) Beckham abandoned her stylish glasses. The last time we have seen her wearing glasses was in the September 2012 issue of Glamour magazine which Victoria guest edited.

Victoria Beckham Glamour magazine
Victoria Beckham Glamour September 2012

In the magazine, Victoria Beckham admitted:

?I do need to wear glasses ? [but] I haven?t found glasses that suit me or that I particularly like. I?ve always been quite self-conscious [about this], so that?s why I?ve decided to do them myself.?

This is why in 2012 Victoria Beckham decided to expand her fashion repertoire to include a range of glasses. As you can imagine, all specs were as sleek and as modern as the designer herself. The collection for Spring/Summer 2013 was a result of Victoria’s partnership with Cutler and Gross.

Maybe the reason why Victoria ditched prescription glasses was that her glasses were not sitting right on her face. The fact is that this can ruin your whole day. I am sure that this DIY guide featuring a few simple tweaks to adjusting glasses would help. Are your glasses sitting too low on your nose or are they pinching your nose? Maybe one lens is higher or farther in than the other? See the infographic below to solve your problems:

Via: Zenni Optical

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