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Full name – Victoria Caroline (Adams) Beckham

Born – 17th April 1974

Star sign – Aries

Height – 5’6″ (170cm)

Eyes – dark brown

From – a little village in Hertfordshire, England

Siblings – Louise and Christian (both younger)

Nicknames – Posh, Beaujolais

Best chat-up line – “I like your clothes. They’d look really good on my bedroom floor!”

Worst chat-up line – “How much does a polar bear weigh? I don’t know, but it breaks the ice!”

The most outrageous thing she’s ever done – run around an American hotel in her nightgown, and flash to a lift-full of people!

Earliest memories – “My first memory is of my teddy, which an aunt and uncle bought for me when I was born. It was a really shabby-looking thing, but I loved it and wouldn’t go anywhere without it. It got so dirty that my mum used to wash it in the washing machine.”

Favourite pop stars when she was younger – Bucks Fizz, Bros and Five Star

Favourite TV programmes – Emu’s House, Fame, Grange Hill and Top of the Pops

Likes: Expensive, designer clothes (Gucci, Prada and so on) , luxury and rich guys , fruit, spending time with friends, shopping, eating lots of toast

Hates: Japanese food and two-faced people. Doesn’t like to be called Vicky. That’s not posh enough!

Favourite Food: Chinese and Indian.

Favourite Drinks: Amaretto and rose wine.

Favourite Colour: Gold

Favourite Magazine: Elle

Favourite City: London

Favourite Country: anywhere hot and peaceful

Best Memory: Christmas day, watching everyone be happy

Favourite Sport: water and snow skiing

Favourite TV show: She doesn’t watch the telly (tv)

Favourite Music Artists: Maxwell, Toni Braxton, Anita Baker

If she was an animal she’d be: Siamese cat

Favourite Word: Bollocks ” It’s so expressive.”

Star sign: Aries

Profile: Classy, calm and cool and extremely organized.

Ambition: To be happy, successful, and all the Spices to stay true to themselves.

Secret: Claims she looks awful without any makeup and no one would recognize her first thing in the morning.

Schooling: Victoria went to the Laine Arts Theatre in Epsom, Surrey, where she trained in Theatre Management.

Pre Fame Jobs:

  • Dancer (appeared in London West End Musicals and a show called Bertie in Birmingham during her late teens). She always lied about her height and turned up at auditions in high heels.
  • She was also in another band who she says were awful, they were a three-woman, two-man band, and they were called “Persuasion”.
  • She was an aspiring actress (auditioned for the film Tank Girl where she met Geri).

Ideal Man: Must be a great dresser. Victoria goes for clothes first, shoes second…SUCH AS…Jack Dee, Ray Liotta (from Goodfellas)

Bad Habits: Chewing the inside of her mouth.

Attributes: She’s got a diamond ring on her toe and a little diamond attached to her her fingernail and I have heard she has her belly-button pierced.

School Nicknames: Sticky Vicky and Acne Face

Role Models: Lady Diana Spencer, Princess of Wales

Talent: Supposedly can play the keyboard.

Favourite Pastime: To shop till she drops looking for sophisticated designer labels

Ambition: For all Spice Girls to remain loyal to themselves.

Favourite Football Team: Manchester United FC

Other Pickup Lines: “God I fancy You Big Time! Is that a designer suit you’re wearing?”

Best Advice: “Do it like a lady!”

Favourite Song from Spice: Something Kinda Funny

Fashion Style: “I like being smart. I may wear tracksuit bottoms or jeans around the house, but I very rarely go out like that.” Victoria is always perfectly put together. Victoria will usually wear suits, short dresses, strapless dresses.

Fashion Fantasy: To go shopping with someone’s platinum credit card!

Personality Quirks: Victoria may seem a little haughty, but she’s actually just a bit shy. Once she gets to know someone, she’s very friendly and fun. Victoria claims that she’s a worrier. Cheating on a boyfriend is something she would never do. She’s a real romantic, loves to watch a soppy film and going out for an intimate dinner afterwards.

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