victoria beckham posh photo
Photo by constance7
victoria beckham posh photo
Photo by Martin Pettitt
victoria beckham posh photo
Photo by constance7

  • Victoria Beckham likes spending time with family and friends, shopping, smiling, her beau David, performing, and being Posh.

  • Dislikes two-faced people, sushi, being calling Vicky, and smiling a lot.

  • Her bad habit is chewing the inside of her mouth.

  • Her idea of happiness: Sitting in the bath at home with a large plate of toast.

  • Classy, calm, and cool, she loves shopping for expensive clothes and makeup.

  • She was a dancer, and was in another band, but says that they were horrible.

  • Her ambition is to be happy, successful, and all the Spices to stay true to themselves.

  • An ideal man for her must be a great dresser. Victoria goes for clothes first, and shoes second…

  • Her distinguishing marks: Small diamond in fingernail.

  • In school Victoria was a bit of a swot at school- she always did her homework on time.

  • Never call Victoria ‘Vicky’- she hates it!!

  • Victoria says that her parents always let her do what she wanted so she never had to disobey them.

  • She likes nothing better than watching a nice soppy film and going out for an intimate dinner afterwards.

  • Posh Spice always got out of doing P.E. at school because her mum wrote excuse letters for her.

  • Posh Spice thinks that George Michael is ‘cool, sexy, and classy with a very symmetrical beard.’

  • Cheating on a boyfriend is something Victoria would never do.

  • Before Victoria was a Spice Girl, she tried to work as a dancer. She always lied about her height and turned up at auditions in high heels.

  • According to Mel C, Victoria is tidy, organized, business-minded, and logical.

  • Victoria claims that Cindy Crawford wanted to play her in Spice World, but Victoria said no.

  • Victoria Beckham was quite unpopular at school so beware of people claiming to be her friend from school.

  • She is baby mad!

  • The reason why she did not used to smile was she did not like her smile.

  • Victoria Adams was nominated Blockbuster Entertainment Award for Favorite Actress – Comedy in 1999 for SPICE WORLD.

  • When she was young, Victoria used to beg her father not to take her to school in the Rolls-Royce. She was teased in school for that and for her nose.

  • Does an impressive array of animal impressions including an unsurpassed flat fish!

  • Victoria was once stopped by the police because she was in such a posh car and they thought she looked too young to be driving it. In fact it was hers so there was no problem.

  • Victoria almost gave the taxi driver who drove the girls to sign their record deal a heart attack when the other girls took off Victoria’s underwear and threw it out the window.

  • Her favourite perk of being famous is getting 30% off at Gucci.

  • She is admired by Madonna. Victoria is her favorite Spice Girl because “she doesn’t look like she spends that much time getting ready as the others,” and she is so “mysterious”.

  • Victoria’s view on the paparazzi is that they go a bit too far.

  • David Beckham and Victoria have taken legal advice over a rash of newspaper reports that he had extramarital affairs. (April 13, 2004)
  • Insists her marriage will survive the newspaper claims David Beckham had an affair in Madrid. (April 7, 2004)
  • Was horrified after discovering a close friend told the British tabloids she and husband David Beckham were divorcing. (December 23, 2003)
  • Has splashed out a staggering $42,500 on a two hour Christmas shopping spree in London, buying luxury gifts for herself and husband David Beckham. (December 22, 2003)
  • Is desperately bidding to spark more interest in her pop comeback, by enlisting the musical talents of her soccer superstar David Beckham – A voice mail message left by Beckham in which he tells Victoria he loves her and asks her to call him back is sampled on one her new tracks. (November 12, 2003)
  • David Beckham and his wife Victoria said Sunday in a statement issued by their management company that their marriage was fine, denying reports that Beckham‘s transfer to Real Madrid from Manchester United had strained the relationship, because his wife doesn’t want to live in Spain full time. (September 23, 2003)
  • David Beckham and Victoria Beckham have caused shockwaves with their sexiest photos ever for an Italian style magazine – Beckham, wearing black nail polish and a bondage style wrist band, is straddled by Adams, who wears a tiny silver dress in the picture for the cover of July’s L’Uomo Vogue. (June 26, 2003)
  • David Beckham and Victoria Beckham are furious that controversial British journalist Martin Bashir is following them across the Far East. The couple feel they are being dogged by Bashir while on a promotional tour of Asia. (June 24, 2003)
  • The case against five men charged with plotting to kidnap Victoria Beckham collapsed Monday – The Crown Prosecution Service said a key witness’s evidence was unreliable and that charges against four Romanians and one ethnic Albanian from Kosovo were dropped. (June 3, 2003)
  • Says that despite her sometimes shockingly thin frame, she’s never had an eating disorder, admitting that she was very obsessed with her weight, but insisted she was never anorexic nor bulimic. (April 26, 2003)
  • Has apologized and agreed to pay $88,000 in damages to two shop-owners after accusing them of selling a fake autographed photo of her soccer star husband David – Beckham‘s lawyer, Justin Rushbrooke, told the High Court on Tuesday that the singer had agreed to settle a slander suit brought by Timothy and Glynis McManus and their son Anthony after a confrontation at their memorabilia shop two years ago. (March 12, 2003)
  • All members of Spice GirlsVictoria Posh Beckham, Mel Sporty Chisholm, Geri Ginger Halliwell, Mel Scary Brown, and Emma Baby Bunton – are set to meet up on Monday for the first time since their acrimonious split five years ago — British newspapers were rife with speculation that the reunion could be the start of a Spice revival, with some of the band’s members said to be keen on a greatest hits album and several one-off concerts after seeing their solo careers slump. (February 18, 2003)
  • News of an alleged plot to kidnap Victoria Beckham will unnerve many of the world’s rich and famous, whose privileged lives are shadowed by the fear of being seized for ransom. (November 5, 2002)
  • Police arrested seven men and two women, whom they said they believed were part of a conspiracy to kidnap Victoria Beckham for a reported ?5 million (US$7.75 million) ransom. (November 4, 2002)
  • Her first solo single, Out Of Your Mind, was pipped to No1 by Spiller and Sophie Ellis Bextor in 2000.
  • Is set to sign a ?1million deal for a glossy book of photos. (September 25, 2002)
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